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Buy Half and Half Sarees Online from Tanumon:

Half and half sarees not only produces its popularity among the Indian girl’s & women’s but also transforming saree fashion day by day. One of the most popular transformation is lehenga style saree & this style also gaining the hearts of saree lovers. If we look closely at the north indian culture we found another variation of it. The variant is Ghagra choli or Lenga choli. Also in this part of India there are a lot of interesting occasions are being associated with this half saree. When a girl reaches puberty south Indians celebrated the Coming of age ceremony or rites of passage. During the first part of the ceremony the girl worn Langa Voni given by her maternal grandparents and its required to change into a saree gifted by the paternal grandparents during the second half of the ceremony. This ritual marks the transition into womanhood. When a girl wear langa voni, it creates the similar look of a saree due to the same draping and tucking pattern of the Voni (dupatta). Though it does not require a complex pleating which gives an extra advantage to her movement. Also the length of the Voni is shorter than the pallu of a saree. Due to the aggression of western tops & bottoms and the easiness in wearing those all these styles started to lose the popularity for certain time but get back strongly by introducing different fabrics & different designs. Now our designers create half sarees in all kind of fabrics including silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, crepe, nylon and more with rich zari, embroidery, stone, patch & zircon work with colorful prints are massively popular.

Half and Half Saree Designs:

Are you feeling bore by wearing a single color saree? Do you look for some difference in color? Do you like color contrast? If so then designer half and half sarees will be the best choice. We all knew that Indian women’s and girls are wearing saree from many decades and the designs of the saree’s changes time to time. Initially the designs were based on a single color but time is changing we are now looking for some contrast sarees to have in our wardrobe. And we all are love to wear our favorite sarees based on the mode of the occasion. Regarding the color contrast we may think that such type of Indian designer half sarees may not a perfect garment to wear in all ages but the beauty is - it will increase your look dramatically without any bar to age. Anyone can wear it in any age. Half and half sarees not necessarily mean it could be a 2 color. The main fact is there will be a many color in 2 parts of the saree.

Weaving of Designer Half Sarees:

The weaving of this saree varied in 2 ways. At first the garment starts with a main color in first half & then the second color was crafted based on first color. It could be contrast, semantic or opposite color – completely based on the fabric. But in sometimes 2nd part of the saree could be a completely different part that was being added later on by stitching. The work might be semantic in all over the saree as well as might be different in opposite section. For different design in different part – we also refer such saree as designer saree. And this attire able to contain different type of works like embroidery, zari, stone, patch & mirror work. That is completely depends on the designer who is responsible to complete the design. So if you don’t have a designer half and half sarees in your wardrobe – it’s mandatory for all saree lovers to collect some to fulfill their fashion collection. This saree will satisfy you undoubtedly.

Though party wear half sarees are available in almost all fabrics including silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, crepe and nylon now a days but monsoon is the perfect climate to wear this type of saree. And our girls & women's are wearing this specially in monsoon festivities. It’s a designer saree for joy. Enjoy the wide diversity beauty of this saree.

Why a Designer Blouse is Essential for Designer Half Sarees?

Lot of fashion specialists share their opinion in this regard & also continuing. The major part suggest not to wear a plain blouse with half saree rather good to prefer a designer blouse instead. A plain blouse may diminish the beauty that you have gained from the half saree. So be cautious while selecting your blouse with a half saree. We also offer readymade designer blouse in our online store & requesting you to check this section also. One more thing you have to consider while wearing a net half saree & it is petticoat. Choose your petticoat wisely based on the color tone of that section. We have also customized peticot stitching section & you are invited to take this opportunity for your greater comfort. Our peticot stitching charge is US$ 10.

Half Saree Vs Half & Half Saree?

Please do not get confused with the traditional south indian Half Saree with modern Half and Half saree. The major difference is Half Saree consists of 2 piece – skirt & drape. Whereas Half and Half sarees combined together with stitching & visually differentiated by color. Another difference is in length. The Southern Half Saree is not a 6 yards saree.

Why buy Half and Half Sarees from Tanumon?

We are trying our best to check the market acceptability of most of the coming designs. But we do not collect each & every designs of half sarees from indian market commonly. We collect sarees only based on quality, fabric, design & the tone of colors. Yes we are showcasing you the best Indian designer half and half sarees to shop online at best price. Our every effort is to make you smile & to give you a charm experience when you carry one from our collection. Our all sarees & salwar kameezes are 100% original. So check our entire collection & grab your desired one without any hesitation before gone. Usually our fresh & new designs not even lasted for a week. We also offer customized blouse & petticoat stitching. You can also opt our service as mentioned earlier. In terms of price – we are giving you the best price possible. We have checked QC twice per delivery. If you have any suggestion or observations on our collection please feel free to let us know from our contact us page. It will definitely help us to boost our customer fashion experience.