7 Secret Tips to Save Money While Shopping Salwar Kameez Online

7 secret tips to save money while shopping salwar kameez online USA

We love shopping & you are no different. Shopping Salwar Kameez from online is very convenient as well as time-saving. Because you can see a lot of designs within few minutes with visual images worn by models. Which is not imaginable in a physical store. Right? But it might be expensive. Fortunately, if you follow the below 7 secrets hope you can make your online shopping more enjoyable as well as able to save your hard earned money.


1. Redeem Coupon or Discount Code:

Usually, online stores issue coupons or share mega discount code just immediate before festival times. Since most of the times all we are going to make a purchase few days before the festival, it's advisable to check your favorite retailer's website & their promotional emails at least from one month before. Hope you will get a good deal. And don't forget to redeem those code to save your hard earned money.

In addition to that check registration offerings. Most of the Indian retailers offer a discount either in registration/first purchase time or in email subscription time. So make sure that you are not losing those opportunities.


2. Do Compare Price:

Don't be attracted by a high brand name or their promotional HD Ads. Don't forget to compare the price with other websites. I am pretty much sure you will win the purchase if you do that. So don't be lazy until & unless you are not looking for a unique design from a very famous Manish Malhotra designer.

While comparing prices you must consider all form of charges like transaction fee. Because lot of online retailers have hidden charges those are added one by one slowly in your cart at different checkout stages.


3. Check Free Shipping Condition:

Most of the times most of the online fashion retailers announces free shipping. Carefully read all free shipping conditions. For example, you are planning to buy a salwar kameez from online within $150 range. And you found your favorite one in ABC site. ABC site is offering free shipping right now. You are thinking hurrah I found my favorite salwar kameez at Indian market price. But scenario might be different during checkout time, once you found that ABC store offers free shipping only with orders more than $180. So it will be wise to check free shipping conditions before proceeding to a purchase.

Another thing might be benefited you that if unfortunately, you do not get any free shipping offer at that time then don't forget to calculate the shipping cost before taking the final decision to purchase. Because most of the retailers play a $10 to $15 game with lowering product price while charging more for shipping cost. Hope this will help you.


4. Love Loyalty Program:

As an Indian or Bangladeshi or broadly Asian we are buying our dresses at least twice in every year. Usually more. Think if you buy most of the items from a specific retailer & if they have a loyalty program than even you may win 20% tangible cash benefits within a few months. If your purchasing frequency is higher, you may get this benefit within a week/month. Recent days retailers not only offer it within their store but also trying to bring more lucrative offers like Air tickets, Dining coupons in a 5 Star Restaurant, Spa Retreats and a lot more innovative beyond your expectation.


5. Scrutiny Return Policy:

Make sure that you are comfortable with the mentioned return policy. Because some stores charge return shipment cost even though they send a wrong product to you. Hope you won't be in this trap.


6. Confirm Originality:

In above I have mentioned comparing price before taking a buy decision. Here I want to make you remember that are you comparing it apple to apple or comparing a genuine product with a fake product? One common sense you may apply that for the same product, price gap might be 20 to 30%. Not more than that. So if you found a lower price than be cautious and check twice before placing the order. Mind it a lot more retailers are selling duplicate products at the lowest price in online by showing the original manufacturer product album. So judge it before.


7. Examine Stitching Service facility:

Those who are living abroad USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA or any other parts of the world might have no stitching service available at your door step. And if you buy an unstitched salwar kameez you have to go to the tailor shop. Sometimes it would be more expensive than India & Bangladesh. Hence it will be wise to opt the stitching service from the online store. Some stores may offer predefined size & some do not provide any custom stitching service. So check the store stitching service & relevant designs like front neck designs or back neck designs that they provided whether it meets your requirement or not.


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