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15 Percent Discounted Salwar Suit
Amazing discounts are running on salwar kameez suits. Select your best design from our collection. Best quality & price guaranteed. Free shipping world wide.
15 Percent Discounted Saree
Indian Sarees mega sale online at Tanumon.com. Minimum 15% discount on Designer sarees, Party saris, Embroidery sarees, Silk sarees, Chiffon Sarees. We have huge range of fabric. Visit us now. We are awaiting to serve you at our best.
Anarkali Suits Online

Anarkali Suits Online USA:

Anarkali Dress is a very common dress for Indian & Bangladeshi Girls & Women's. It's made up of 3 different pieces. Those are:

  1. Top: Usually Frock-styled but high length
  2. Bottom: Usually slim fitted
  3. Dupatta: Usually heavy worked

Anarkali Dresses Online USA Popularity:

Anarkali style is gaining popularity since Mughal times. Even in recent years, it's becoming a very much popular dress style to our Indian & Bangladeshi girls or women. For Anarkali Suits Online USA - It's also true. The question is why it's gaining much popularity recent years? The answer is - a lot of new innovative designs are recently added with this style. Anarkali dresses online - now available in 3 form of styles considering length:

  1. Floor length Anarkali salwar suits
  2. Long length Anarkali suits
  3. Medium length Anarkali suits

Among them, the recent trending style is Floor length Anarkali suits. So buy at least one Anarkali suits online even in USA to run with this trend.

Available Designer Anarkali Suits:

If you observe the available Anarkali suits online - you found the most popular design works within the attires. These are Lace, Zari, Stone, Embroidery, Zircon, Print and many more. Anarkali dresses are now available in from simple design work to heavy design work. Especially in India, heavy design Anarkali dresses are very much popular for reception parties. On the other hand, ladies worn simple/plain work Anarkali dresses in other occasions. And that should be not different in any other parts of the world. If you need an extremely elegant look you have to include some other fashion accessories. Like bangles, earrings, potli bags and definitely a high hill. So It's must, to be updated with recent trending styles.  

Why Enjoy Anarkali Suits Online Shopping From Tanumon.com?

We have a huge range of Anarkali Suits for Online Shopping at best price possible. From simple designer Anarkali dress to Stone worked Anarkali Dress, almost all popular designs are available in our online store. Our all Anarkali dresses are 100% authentic. We provide the best price guarantee. We have a highly experienced tailoring section. Waiting to make you fit for every party from our Anarkali suits online USA fashion collection. So what others need? Check out our styles & shop Anarkali suits online! Since It's a must have a dress for any girl's at any time.


Banarasi Silk
Buy banarasi saree and banarasi silk saree from our online store tanumon. We have a great range of latest banarasi saree designs. Buy now your party wear & enjoy free shipping to USA & CANADA.
Best Seller
Find Indian Sarees and Salwar Kameez suit best seller in online from Tanumon  collection. Set up your trend from this trendy saris and salwar kammez collection. We also offer free shipping to usa, canada, uk, europe, australia or worldwide.
Chiffon Saree
Buy Chiffon Sarees Online from Tanumon:
Chiffon is a french word and the meaning is cloth. Early chiffon was made from silk but time to time its replaced by nylon & polyester considering cost. Its a lightweight plain woven fabric which gives transparent appearance in cloths. Chiffon is most commonly used to weave Sarees, Blouses & Dresses. Chiffon fabric is absorbent and most Indian women's are loving to wear Chiffon Sarees in winter though it has the capability to warm in the winter since it holds warm air close to your skin. What ever the age range the attraction of Chiffon Saree is so impressive. Women's are choosing this because its easy to carry, soothing & colorful in nature & in any evening party Chiffon Saree is the first choice for any women. Mind it Chiffon Sarees obviously gives you the best glamorous & gorgeous look.

If you are planing to buy Chiffon Sarees Online you can consider tanumon.com as we have a huge range of designer Chiffon Sarees in our collection & we are updating our line in every week to give you the taste of the wide variety of Indian Chiffon Sarees. Our every chiffon sarees are originial and we are ensuring best affordable price. So whats next? Buy Chiffon Sarees Online from Tanumon & gives us the opportunity to satisfy you. Please note we are also offering custom blouse stitching service that you can select from our product detail page.
Designer Saree

Buy Designer Sarees, Half n Half Saris, Silk Designer Saris, Indian Designer Sarees online at Tanumon. We offer Free Shipping to UK, USA, Australia, Canada or worldwide.

Elegant Sarees
Why Buy Elegant Sarees Online from Tanumon:
Tanumon.com openend a section of Elegant Sarees in online to ease your choice from our thousand of styles & designs. These piece of collection contain the most precious Indian Sarees for women based on recent trends, latest designs, manufacturer brand value along with old fashioned saree designs. If anyone pick any of the saree then its assured that this saree must have a few unique features in terms of design, border works, appreciable color combinations or definitely the quality of the garment. If you have any confusion on the quality of the fabric, We tanumon make sure that our elegant sarees are designed using best quality assured fabric that is sourced from the authentic vendors of the indian market. Apart from that we also determine the elegance based on work & pattern like decoration with fancy print and pattern, embroidery, patch, zircon, stone or even the most special appealing sequin work that gives a stunning look to the selected outfit. We also offer free shipping to USA & CANADA - you can enjoy this offer without any buy limit or condition.

Some Special Features of our Designer Elegant Sarees:
    • Elegant look
    • Attractive color combination
    • Premium quality
    • Best designs
    • Shrink resistance
    • High quality fabric
    • Alluring pattern
    • Color fastness
    • Highly appealing
    • Low maintenance

Please note that not all features will be available in an individual item because we check all the products on various parameters to meet our customers need.

Finally if you want to buy an elegant sari from tanumon.com online to have a best quality taste or that will keep you comfortable and relaxed all day long please explore our elegant sarees section from first to last - because each saree has some unique features to make you high on class, stand out from crowd & finally it can represent your elegance. We can assure you if you pick a saree from our collection peoples around you from boy's to girls, men's to women's everyone will appreciate your royal piece of elegant saree collection. If you want to make you more elegant you can check out our ready made saree blouse collection. If you are looking for a popular party saree you can visit our Party Wear Saree collection.


Embroidery Salwar Kameez
Best collection of embroidered salwar kameez now available in tanumon. You will be delighted with our embroidery works. Best price, quality & free shipping guaranteed worldwide.
Embroidery Saree
Buy embroidered sarees, designer embroidery sarees or heavy embroidered sarees online at Tanumon. We offer free shipping to USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE & Worldwide.
Featured Saree
This indian sarees collection provides you best designed saree at best price. Buy sarees online from tanumon & surely you enjoy the saree quality. We also offer free shipping to USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE or worldwide.
Georgette Saree

Buy latest Georgette Saree online at cheap price from tanumon.com in USA and Canada with free home delivery. We sell faux jorget sarees from pure georgette saree collection to attend your next party, reception and festivals.

Half and Half Sarees

Buy Half and Half Sarees Online from Tanumon:

Half and half sarees not only produces its popularity among the Indian girl’s & women’s but also transforming saree fashion day by day. One of the most popular transformation is lehenga style saree & this style also gaining the hearts of saree lovers. If we look closely at the north indian culture we found another variation of it. The variant is Ghagra choli or Lenga choli. Also in this part of India there are a lot of interesting occasions are being associated with this half saree. When a girl reaches puberty south Indians celebrated the Coming of age ceremony or rites of passage. During the first part of the ceremony the girl worn Langa Voni given by her maternal grandparents and its required to change into a saree gifted by the paternal grandparents during the second half of the ceremony. This ritual marks the transition into womanhood. When a girl wear langa voni, it creates the similar look of a saree due to the same draping and tucking pattern of the Voni (dupatta). Though it does not require a complex pleating which gives an extra advantage to her movement. Also the length of the Voni is shorter than the pallu of a saree. Due to the aggression of western tops & bottoms and the easiness in wearing those all these styles started to lose the popularity for certain time but get back strongly by introducing different fabrics & different designs. Now our designers create half sarees in all kind of fabrics including silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, crepe, nylon and more with rich zari, embroidery, stone, patch & zircon work with colorful prints are massively popular.

Half and Half Saree Designs:

Are you feeling bore by wearing a single color saree? Do you look for some difference in color? Do you like color contrast? If so then designer half and half sarees will be the best choice. We all knew that Indian women’s and girls are wearing saree from many decades and the designs of the saree’s changes time to time. Initially the designs were based on a single color but time is changing we are now looking for some contrast sarees to have in our wardrobe. And we all are love to wear our favorite sarees based on the mode of the occasion. Regarding the color contrast we may think that such type of Indian designer half sarees may not a perfect garment to wear in all ages but the beauty is - it will increase your look dramatically without any bar to age. Anyone can wear it in any age. Half and half sarees not necessarily mean it could be a 2 color. The main fact is there will be a many color in 2 parts of the saree.

Weaving of Designer Half Sarees:

The weaving of this saree varied in 2 ways. At first the garment starts with a main color in first half & then the second color was crafted based on first color. It could be contrast, semantic or opposite color – completely based on the fabric. But in sometimes 2nd part of the saree could be a completely different part that was being added later on by stitching. The work might be semantic in all over the saree as well as might be different in opposite section. For different design in different part – we also refer such saree as designer saree. And this attire able to contain different type of works like embroidery, zari, stone, patch & mirror work. That is completely depends on the designer who is responsible to complete the design. So if you don’t have a designer half and half sarees in your wardrobe – it’s mandatory for all saree lovers to collect some to fulfill their fashion collection. This saree will satisfy you undoubtedly.

Though party wear half sarees are available in almost all fabrics including silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, crepe and nylon now a days but monsoon is the perfect climate to wear this type of saree. And our girls & women's are wearing this specially in monsoon festivities. It’s a designer saree for joy. Enjoy the wide diversity beauty of this saree.

Why a Designer Blouse is Essential for Designer Half Sarees?

Lot of fashion specialists share their opinion in this regard & also continuing. The major part suggest not to wear a plain blouse with half saree rather good to prefer a designer blouse instead. A plain blouse may diminish the beauty that you have gained from the half saree. So be cautious while selecting your blouse with a half saree. We also offer readymade designer blouse in our online store & requesting you to check this section also. One more thing you have to consider while wearing a net half saree & it is petticoat. Choose your petticoat wisely based on the color tone of that section. We have also customized peticot stitching section & you are invited to take this opportunity for your greater comfort. Our peticot stitching charge is US$ 10.

Half Saree Vs Half & Half Saree?

Please do not get confused with the traditional south indian Half Saree with modern Half and Half saree. The major difference is Half Saree consists of 2 piece – skirt & drape. Whereas Half and Half sarees combined together with stitching & visually differentiated by color. Another difference is in length. The Southern Half Saree is not a 6 yards saree.

Why buy Half and Half Sarees from Tanumon?

We are trying our best to check the market acceptability of most of the coming designs. But we do not collect each & every designs of half sarees from indian market commonly. We collect sarees only based on quality, fabric, design & the tone of colors. Yes we are showcasing you the best Indian designer half and half sarees to shop online at best price. Our every effort is to make you smile & to give you a charm experience when you carry one from our collection. Our all sarees & salwar kameezes are 100% original. So check our entire collection & grab your desired one without any hesitation before gone. Usually our fresh & new designs not even lasted for a week. We also offer customized blouse & petticoat stitching. You can also opt our service as mentioned earlier. In terms of price – we are giving you the best price possible. We have checked QC twice per delivery. If you have any suggestion or observations on our collection please feel free to let us know from our contact us page. It will definitely help us to boost our customer fashion experience.

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Are you looking for Indian Saree Hot Deal? If so then visit tanumon. You will find best online womens saree deals online guaranteed. Designer saree, Party wear saree all are in cheap price. Free shipping world wide.
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Multicolor Saree
Are you bore with a single color saree. Check our huge range of multi color saree collection. Best price & quality guaranteed. Free shipping world wide.
Net Saree
Find the best quality net saree at tanumon. Our collection is really rich with great design & quality. Best price & free shipping guaranteed worldwide.
New Arrival Saree

Sarees for Women:
In tradition sarees for women is a must choice in india. From family functions to official parties an indian women first choice will be a saree undoubtedly. Its an amazing piece of stylish garment that women's worn around the body from many decades. Still most of the indian believes sarees for women not only to maintain indian tradition but also this piece of cloth has an extraordinary quality  to reveal the real beauty of an women. It's not mandatory that in each occasion you have to wear a latest saree because an old design also can add a classic style to your look equally. This is the real beauty of a saree for women. Ideally it's worn on top of a saree blouse and petticoat. Sarees for women is not true actually because of its equal acceptance in early ages. Finally the draping of saree is not so easy for those who never worn this. Before carrying the saree its advisable to learn the saree draping from your closest family members such as mother or elder sister or anyone who is experienced.

About Latest Saree Designs:
Saree designs are being changed day by day and traditionally it's well accepted by the indian women living around the world. Latest sarees for women are most likely made of gorgeous embroidery patch stone & sequin works in border with simple or even plain work in body. Tanumon.com always showcasing the original branded latest indian sarees for women in online & continuously exploring the latest saree designs from each corner of the india. If you buy new arrival sarees from online you can consider tanumon due to a lot of reasons such as huge range of latest saree collection, quality of the saree, best & easy online saree shopping experience, no additional or unwanted charge, free shipping to USA CANADA UK AUSTRALIA & EUROPE and finally the best price. We will be glad if you consider us to meet your latest saree needs.

New Arrivals
Shop latest indian designer & party sarees online. All new arrival indian sarees are being discounted. Also free shipping to USA & CANADA. So buy now & win now.
Party Saree
Tanumon Offers Best Party Sarees Online:

Have you a plan to join a party? Have you a plan to join this upcoming party with a gorgeous Indian Saree? If you are looking for a really good party saree to represent you as a style icon then you are in the right place to buy your desired designer party saree. What you are expecting from tanmon party wear sarees? Definitely a high on class Indian Saree which ensembles you to flourish your beauty to all or you might be looking for a plain saree with heavy border work or you might be looking for some color blending in your next party attire or you might be looking for traditional fresh designs - what ever you need you are in the right section of tanumon online store. Just browse, explore & pick the best designer party wear saree & join the party with full of confidence & a wide smile as tanumon.com always trying to present the most latest designer party sarees to our customer instantly whenever arrived in Indian market. So you can keep us on top of your choice list to meet your fabulous party saree need. Be careful of replica sarees in online we tanumon offers only 100% authentic Indian Sarees in our online store - not replica. We collect all type of our Indian Sarees & Salwar Kameezes from real manufacturer across the India those who owned that design. So shop confidently from tanumon to get a great taste of quality party saree at best price including free shipping offer to USA & CANADA right now. If you don't have a plan to buy gorgeous Indian party wear saree from online right now and like our party saree collection we are requesting you to book mark our collection so that you can re-explore our depth of party saree section.

 Buy Designer Saree blouse online USA & CANADA:
To add more styles in your fashion you have to choice a ready made designer saree blouse also. Because a designer saree blouse can enhance your look by adding an elegance touch with your party saree combindly. We have a nice collection of Indian designer saree blouses in our online store. You can check it out along with your fashionable party wear sarees.

Plain Saree
We have a best collection of plain sarees in online. Some are with embroidery border & some are with also plain simple border. Authenticity & price makes our plain body saris lucrative.
Printed Saree
Buy classy printed sarees from tanumon. Best design works in body & saree border makes our product more elegant. Best price & quality guaranteed. Free shipping world wide.
Readymade Saree Blouse
Tanumon provides a wide range of beautifully designed ready made saree blouses collection to meet your unique fashion need. Select from our standard size range & enjoy free shipping USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE & worldwide.
Indian Sarees & Salwar Kameez Suit online sale in USA, UK, CANADA, Europe & Australia. Up to 50% discount on designer sarees, Salwar Kameez, Party Sarees, Silk Sarees, Chiffon Saris & Net Saris. Also tanumon offers Free Shipping Worldwide.
Salwar Kameez
Indian Dress Salwar Kameez Online:

Indian dress salwar kameez is really a very much popular garments from girls to women whatever the age. Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis specially south asian girls & women's worn this fantastic Indian dress from long long days. The attraction of shalwar kameez is in every ages & status. In rural areas most of the women's worn sarees due to some social traditions but at the same time in urban areas women's are taking salwar kameez as a precious fashion choice because it's very easy to carry, easy to maintain & finally it's a very fashionable garments. Girls main dresses are different type of salwar kameez like straight salwar kameez & anarkali dress. The salwar kameez dress consists of 3 parts or pieces sometimes known as 3 pieces. One part is kameez which is most likely kurta. It can be long or short depends on style. The second part is salwar which is most likely a trouser - can be contrasted or matching and the 3rd part is dupatta which is most likely a scarf or odhni.

Buy Salwar Kameez Online from Tanumon:
Tanumon.com offers every varities of indian dress salwar kameez in online to buy. Like the major 2 types - Anarkali dress & Straight salwar kameez suit with different work from embroidery, patch, lace, print & even in plain form. We are adding more & more new salwar kameez styles almost in every week to give our valued customers a huge range of indian dress collection to choose. Not only that, tanumon also offers custom tailoring or stitching services to meet our NRI's & NRB's fashion demand as most of them have no custom tailoring facilities in their locality. Hope we can meet your stylish salwar kameez need. Visit our New Arrival Section to get the latest designer salwar dress, Embroidery Section to get embroidered salwar kameez collection, Straight section to get straight salwar kameez collection. To avail our stitching services you will get the stitching option in salwar kameez details page.
Salwar Kameez on Sale
Indian dress or salwar kameez suit online sale is runing at Tanumon. We guarantee the best quality dress or salwar suit at best price. Offers include free shipping to USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA or worldwide.
Saree on Sale

Indian Sarees online sale in USA, UK, CANADA, Europe & Australia. Up to 50% discount on designer sarees, Party Sarees, Silk Sarees, Chiffon Saris & Net Saris. Also tanumon offers Free Shipping Worldwide.

Saree Under $50
Unbelievable offer. Indian sarees are now just under US dollar 50 including free shipping offer world wide. Garb more & wear new design everyday.
Saree Under $75
Saree designs are changed day by day. Frequently changing your styles is not so easy. So buy new sarees online from Tanumon at cheap price - less than US Dollar 75 including free shipping worldwide.
Shaded Saree
Tanumon saree shaded saree collection consists of best color combination. Visit & choose womens shaded sarees from online. Free shipping worldwide.
Silk Saree

Why Choose Silk Sarees?

Silk sarees are the most preferred sarees of our Indian & Bangladeshi women's. From texture to usability these sarees are in the every family wardrobe. It's such type of collection that you can wear almost in every type of occasion. Because you can carry a silk saree whole day long comfortably. If you don't have quickly grab at least one because Tanumon.com offers latest silk sarees online USA CANADA customers free shipping.

Available Silk Sarees:

Tanumon provides all type of latest silk sarees online to buy at best price. Regarding quality, our QC team never compromise the quality by ensuring quality fabrics, pure color and the origin of the saree. We always collect our every design from 100% authentic sources. So we can assure you the quality of our every variant on this category including price. If you are here for Silk Sarees Online Shopping you are in the right place. Therefore check our silk sarees collection & order confidently.

Buy Silk Sarees Online USA CANADA:

As per our analysis & customer feedback, we found that lot of Silk Sarees Online stores trying to push artificial silk at a low price. Beware of that. The pure silk sarees price always higher than other fabrics. So don't buy from unauthenticated sources to get price benefit. Always buy from Tanumon & get the highest quality saree online.

Maintaining Silk Sarees:

  • Silk Sarees do not wrinkle heavily. So do iron by wrapping cotton cloth.
  • For zari work silk sarees - Must kept away from any chemicals like perfumes.
  • We suggest dry cleaning only specifically for silk sarees
  • For stone worked sarees - keep them isolated

We are also providing saree blouse & petticoat stitching. And we have a highly experienced tailoring section. Don't forget to opt this service if you don't have any local tailoring facilities. Enjoy our Silk Sarees Online USA CANADA shopping.

Stone Work Sarees

Buy Designer Stone Work Sarees Online from Tanumon:

Women's and girls like stone work designs in their sarees, bags, ornaments etc. Because if stones were crafted in saree border or body these precious gemstones add a stunning look in the complete attire. And wearing these garment surely glow the beauty of our Asian ladies. It's individual choice whether she likes heavy count of stones or just simple stone work in the saree body. But in a joyous party, ladies & girls more often choose heavy stone work saree to be high on class. So if you need a glamorous look you need a stone work saree undoubtedly. We have a wide range of stone work designer saree collection to choose on. And we are very much confident that you will highly appreciate our Sarees Online. The stone work sarees online shopping price range starts from below 50 USD.

Notes on Stone Work Sarees:

  • Best suited for wedding receptions
  • A perfect traditional collection for occasions & office
  • You can choose heavy or minimal jewelry
  • Regular or Designer Blouse will be OK
  • Be careful with wash and iron

The current trend of Stone Work Sarees:

It's not only now but also always be in the top choice list. Which means the popularity never goes down rather increasing day by day. If you are a Hindi film lover you can easily notice that Indian heroines still preferring a lot. So it's obvious to collect at least one to keep in your wardrobe. And we will be happy if we can provide you. Hence requesting you to visit our large range of Stone Work Sarees Collection, Party Wear Sarees Collection & Latest Designer Sarees Collection. You can also choose a Ready Made Designer Saree Blouse from our online store or can opt our very profession tailoring service at lowest price. So don't be late to buy one from designer sarees with stone work online.

Caution On Stone Work Sarees Online Shopping:

Stone work sarees online shopping may not always give you pleasure. But we at Tanumon guarantee you that we sell 100% authentic Stone Work Sarees Online with the best price. Even some times we offer stone work sarees in just below 50 USD. So before buying stone work designs or any Indian ethnic wear make sure that you are not falling into a replica trap. Happy shopping!!

Straight Salwar Kameez

Indian Salwar Kameez Online USA CANADA UK - around the globe:

Salwar Kameez & Dupatta or Chunri is a most popular dress of girls living in India & Bangladesh. Making the best Indian Salwar Kameez Online selling item in USA, CANADA, the UK including other parts of the world. In home or office, you can carry a Salwar Kameez comfortably. Means It's affordable & comfortable. Combinedly it's also known as 3 pieces. If you want to buy Salwar Kameez from online you will get it in 2 forms - stitched & un-stitched. Based on your requirement you can choose any form to buy from us. Those who have the stitching facility, they choose unstitched Salwar Kameez & those who have not they choose ready made sizes. We have a lot more designs also. So why late? Shop now latest Indian Salwar Kameez Online USA CANADA UK - around the globe wherever you are. Our Free Shipping Offer is valid for any destination.

Why Buy Indian Salwar Kameez Online from Tanumon?

Tanumon.com provides both forms of garments. Also, offers an unparallel stitching services for our beloved customers living outside. Our Salwar Kameez is 100% genuine. We collect all our designs directly from manufacturers & also ensure minimum 2 times quality check. Are you worried about your custom designs? Don't worry after placing your order we will provide you a huge list of front & back neck designs to choose on. Hence we are very much confident that you will enjoy our services.

Finally, we can say Tanumon.com is as always committed to providing our best customer experience. We have already satisfied our Indian & Bangladeshi sisters around the globe. We have the best price & best-fit guarantee not only for ready made designs as well as custom designs. So why not buy from us? We will be happy if we can delight you.

Under $100 Saree
We have a huge range of cheap sarees online collection at Tanumon promising best affordable price - under $100. Do not miss a new saree in each occasion. Also free shipping available in USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE & Worldwide.
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